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Victim Letter

This is a letter we received about the Sheepfold Ministry and the impact here locally, in Tucson. It’s this type of testimony and vulnerability that we minister to on a daily basis. Please join us this holiday season as we lift up Beth and others.

“Since coming to this place of safety in June, I have been blessed here so much as I am able to deal with many aspects of my recovery stemming from 30 plus years of domestic violence. I find not having to hide my ordeals and being able to share openly about what I have experienced in my adult life to be a very helpful and healing opportunity. I feel this ministry to women and others is key to not only bringing awareness but also a large step in combating this epidemic and bringing it to a screeching halt sometime in the future.

Allowing domestic violence victims the opportunity to receive the help, guidance and support of sincere, caring individuals in a Christian setting is much needed and a giant step in the right direction. Helping the person as a whole (body, mind, soul).

In humbleness and truth, I sincerely thank each person involved in this ministry.
May our Lord Jesus Christ bless each of you daily.”
– Beth C.